We believe a culture of creativity fosters innovation and new ideas. It’s the intent to craft world-class work every single day that pushes us to break new ground and consistently deliver beautiful, sustainable and remarkable creative work for our clients.

Over the past decade we’ve helped brands uncover and better articulate their brand value in almost every disciple. From Blockchain and Skin Care to Manufacturing and Aged Care. From funded startups to global heavy weights. Our clients trust us to pull it all apart, and put it back together in a more functional, sustainable and usable way.

If you’d like to learn more about how we could work with you, we’d love to hear from you – we’re quite the friendly bunch.

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Strategy and Branding

Brands are fickle creatures. They need love and they need to continually grow, evolve and mature with the business, not hold it back. We bring the critical thinking required to craft strong foundations for businesses to build more impactful and effective brands in their category. We call these our change-makers.

It starts with a complete immersion into our clients businesses. To understand the distinction and unique advantage they hold in their sector. From there we detail the manifestations of the brand and functional value to gain alignment with stakeholders and creative teams. This process sets the foundation for the creative work that follows.

The Stack

Brand strategy, brand architecture, brand naming, brand language.

Brand Identity

Brand identity helps to clearly articulate a brands value through design. It’s an incredibly important stage in the branding process. Your identity not only provides clear direction and guides future brand decisions, but fosters alignment between what you say, what you do and why anyone should care. It should be intentionally crafted to ensure the experience your customers have with you is engaging, influential and welcoming.

Our brand identity process is a bespoke end-to-end experience that leads to a beautiful visual language, strong design theory, and a brand identity that allows our clients to engage on more meaningful levels with their customers.

The Stack

Brand identity design, brand systems and guidelines, environmental and place design, print and publication design.

Graphic Design

Design is an incredibly powerful tool in delivering a consistent, aligned and adaptable brand to your audience. Everything that just feels right and leaves you with positive vibes; has been purposely designed with intent.

Our design capability is a core component of the studio. These skills are applied in every area of our clients projects because we truly believe that the fundamental theory of design can bring so much to every dimension of a business.

Design should not be seen. It should be felt in the way we use things. Simple, easy to understand and interpret and never obtrusive or over the top. We believe that great design, is design that gets out of the way and lets the audience immerse, engage and interact with the content. This ethos drives our thinking the approach we take to co-design better businesses.

The Stack

Print and signage design, retail packaging design, book and corporate production design, illustration and type design.

Packaging Design

Shelf appeal moves products. Standing out in a crowded space is always a challenge for both new and existing brands. The more we say a certain brand, design or package the less we notice it. This makes it increasingly important to shake things up once in a while to remain relevant and competitive in a category.

Packaging design no longer sits idle on a shelf. It’s an experience that touches everyone involved in the supply chain from manufacturing to end-user. And when it comes to digital ecommerce brands and products it’s simply not enough to rely on retailers to create a connection with consumers.

Our designers are highly capable of advising on sustainable packaging and print systems, processes and finishes to create more impactful connections with your customers.

The Stack

Sustainable packaging design, carton and sleeve design, eco-packaging, FMCG and retail packaging design.

Creative and Advertising

Most advertising is stale and uninspiring. Great creativity is what separates effective advertising from hit and miss campaigns. We’ve fostered a culture where the best idea wins regardless of where it’s come from. And in an era where media, reach and clicks can be bought and traded so easily, strong creativity is more than essential to connect with and captivate an audience.

Maker Street is a placement agnostic studio. This means we use creativity to craft campaigns that engage with your audience, wherever they are. We don’t believe that digital is king, or that radio is the only way to build brand awareness – if it’s space ships you sell to martians, you can trust we’ll find a way to light up the sky.

The Stack

Creative thinking, copywriting and art direction, campaign development, brand activation.

Digital Design

We live in a digital world. Constantly connected by devices and while this way of life certainly has its flaws it’s difficult to imagine a world without its perks. When it comes to doing business, it’s an expectation that your offline and online experiences are flawless.

It’s no longer feasible to operate as if our physical and digital worlds are separate from one another. Now, more than ever before, it’s crucial to craft and curate a seamless transition between the two for your customers. Customers expect to subconsciously and harmoniously fall in and out of the physical and virtual experience. And it’s where these two worlds intersect where delightful and captivating brand experiences can be built.

The Stack

Information architecture, interface and experience design, motion and interaction design, product design, Web3 and blockhain.

  • Casey Midgley
  • Founder, Creative Director
  • Meyrick Adams
  • Partner, Strategic Director
  • Morrigan Gray
  • Designer

Creative solutions, amazing support and solid work is what you will get from the team. I cannot vouch for them enough as they worked tirelessly to deliver my project. They have given me so much value and insight into my brand that I knew was there but needed help to reveal. Highly rate Maker Street.

Keith WheelerLandar

Maker Street’s varied skill set and high standards have helped us drastically uplift both the users experience of our product and perceptions of our brand within the aged care sector. We’ve found the team to be invaluable when it comes to our business. Maker Street are the right arm that we never knew we needed.

Simon HeaysmanCo-Founder, Hayylo

My partner and I walked into Maker Street at the very early stages of our business. Leaning on the experience of Maker Street's team allowed us to refine our approach before launch. So, whether you're looking for alignment for an early idea, or re-alignment for an existing business, these guys will 100% be able to assist.

Tim WeighOthr Half

We quickly established a bond with the Maker Street team. The whole experience has been thoughtful and attentive. The very best collaborators, ideators and creators were able to distill the essence of our vision and delivered a brand with purpose and impact.

Frazer TaylorMosafe

Maker Street helped us rediscover and define our value proposition brilliantly. They were able to craft the words and look and feel that made it easier for our prospects to understand who we are and what we do in a more interesting way. They positioned us as innovative and exciting. We even believe it more ourselves.

Mark HeaysmanLongitude6