What we make

Maker Street is a brand and design consultancy underpinned by a full suite of creative studio capabilities for disruptive brands.

We consult at a high level to develop better, more relevant craft for our clients. From a strategic foundation to excellence in delivery, Maker Street can help you connect better with your audience in many more ways than one.

Brand Strategy and Identity

Brand Positioning and Brand Purpose, Rebrands and Brand Refresh, Brand Alignment, Brand Auditing, Visual and Verbal Identity, Brand Experience.

Finding and articulating your point of difference and using that to position your brand away from your competitors is essential in successful modern marketing.

Our brand strategy immersion workshop’s are collaborative and intense and help us immerse ourselves into your brand to absorb, understand and define a strategic blueprint for your brand to grow from.

From your strategy, your brand signifiers are born, your logo, colours and wider identity design system. You branding, brand identity and brand signifiers should always support and reinforce your brand, your beliefs, your morals, culture, everything that makes your business, unique.

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Design and Creativity

Graphic Design, Visual Design Systems, Signage and Wayfinding, Experiential Design, Spatial Design. Conceptualisation, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Copywriting, Conceptual Advertising, Industrial and Product Design.

Design is an immensely powerful tool in culture and in business. Good design can be found in products and brands that have been purposely defined and meticulously crafted to provoke thought, nudge emotion and alter perception. In business, design and creativity can be used to uplift the perception of a product, or business or change the conversation entirely.

At Maker Street, creativity has been purposely woven directly into our core makeup of the studio. We’ve listed it here as one of our services for logical reasons though it’s important to note that for us, creativity and design are not things we do, but a way of live.

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Print Management, Photography and Video, Campaign Production, Signage and Wayfinding.

There’s nothing that can hinder the success of a great strategy, clever creative and flawless design work than a sub-standard execution.

More now than ever, a consistent brand experience essential to the growth of top-line revenue. If there’s a disconnect between the type of company or brand you’re trying to build through your strategic systems with the output or delivery mechanism for your messaging, the customer can become confused, or reject your message altogether. This makes it more important to ensure brand feeling and quality standards are being upheld throughout the process – regardless of budget.

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Product Design, User Experience and User Interface Design, Digital Activations, Website Design and Development, Digital Installations.

We live in a digital world. Constantly connected by devices and while this way of life certainly has its flaws it’s difficult to imagine a world without its perks.

When it comes to doing business, it’s an expectation that your offline and online experiences are flawless. It’s no longer beneficial to look at our physical and digital worlds as being separate from each other. Now, more than ever before, it’s crucial  to curate a seamless transition between the two for your customers. They need to subconsciously know when they visit your website, experience your digital activation, or walk into your stores and showrooms, that this is the same brand, with the same values and the same essence.

In the world of modern marketing, your digital presence must driven by brand.

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