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*Snap Footage and Content supplied by Lift Brands.


Lift Brands annual Australia, New Zealand Summit is held in order to acknowledge and celebrate achievements throughout the year. It was up to us to create a short film showcasing statistics and re-capping achievements in order to captivate, engage and motivate their OneTeam.


Motivation is often key. It drives to success. The fitness industry is saturated and keeping members engaged is often a challenge. Acknowledging and celebrating company success as well as improved statistics and new business opportunity is key to keeping franchises and staff engaged and motivated to overcome and improve on previous goals.

I learned very quickly ‘too hard’ aren’t words in Maker Street’s vocabulary, if over 600 people gasping and clapping along to a video isn’t a good indicator of that, I don’t know what is.

Despite extremely tight timeframes, Maker Street delivered our National Summit title clips on time, on budget, and greatly exceeded expectations. They were incredibly supportive; above-and-beyond doesn’t cover the effort that went in to these projects.

I would highly recommend Maker Street to anyone who wants to concisely communicate just who and what their brand is, in a way that modern consumers can actually enjoy and relate to.

  • Maddi Kimber
    National Digital Media Specialist

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