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Designing a Future for Solar Energy


Queenslanders Reached


Quality Leads Generated


Conversion Increase


The dreaded power bill. Overconsumption of power can lead to a giant hole in your back pocket. In a crowded industry with a specific market, we needed a compelling new angle for SEM Group Australia that provided people with insight into the simple pleasures that solar energy can provide.


The human population has grown to take electricity for granted and with the consistent rise in electricity bills year upon year, we are forced to recognise and change our behaviour. But habits are hard to break. Nobody wants to change and with solar energy, they don’t have to.

The Idea

Fight back against the rising cost of electricity through a strong creative campaign that is centered on relatability and core human truths by pointing out the little things we do everyday that use power and cost money, then position solar energy as the evident answer. 

Through the roll out of an integrated campaign across out of home, transit and digital advertising, we would reach and reinforce to the public that their behaviour doesn’t have to change when they turn to solar energy.


The ‘You had me at Solar’ Campaign reached over 1.83 Million Queenslanders with an average viewing frequency of 4.8x across out of home and direct mail channels, and over 2.25 million views nationwide. Since July, we’ve generated over 800 high quality, direct leads, resulting in a 200% increase in their conversion rate.

Overall the campaign generated over $1m in new sales over a 12 week period. Since the campaign has wrapped up, leads have slowed but have in no way dried up, our digital advertising and branding work with the organisation is still generating in excess of 35 leads and over $30k in new sales per week.

Working with Maker Street has really opened our eyes to how unfocused and reactive our advertising and growth strategies were. Their dedication to supporting our brand and steering us in a coordinated approach has helped us surpass our goals.

Our sales have tripled as a result of their ongoing guidance and advice. We’re in an industry that’s constantly evolving and our turn around on campaigns has to be fast. The team always delivers on our deadlines (even the unrealistic ones) and we couldn’t be happier with their creative output and dedication to our brand.

Maker Street is a true, strategic support partner for our business and has undoubtedly been responsible for a major increase to our bottom line. You can’t look past this creative team.

  • Kosta Cholakos
    Managing Director, SEM Group Australia

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