How we helped a local solar company from Darwin grow to number one across the nation.


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SEM Group was a small, local, ‘how ya goin’ aussie solar retailer from Darwin that we’ve helped grow from just two co-founders to over 40 staff across Australia. In less than 5 years SEM Group has generated strong partnerships throughout the industry and is now rated as the number one national solar installers across the nation (as rated by

Our working relationship with SEM Group has spanned over 6 years from humble beginnings and has seen us work across external (and internal) branding, advertising, marketing, digital, pr and more. We’ve assisted in the rollout of multiple green initiatives and developed a strong brand platform for their internal teams to launch from. Our work with SEM Group has really raised the roof for solar in Australia.

SEM Group Brand Campaign Posters

Maker Street opened our eyes to how unfocused and reactive our advertising had been. Since engaging their team they’ve helped us position our business away from the bottom feeders and strengthen our reputation in the industry. They’re a true, strategic support partner for us and have undoubtedly been responsible for a major increase to our bottom line.

You can’t look past this creative team.

Kosta Cholakos
Managing Director, SEM Group Australia