How we helped a biotech brand blend world-class innovation with a human heart.

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Biotech that is one step ahead of workplace injuries

Longitude6 helps organisations increase their employee productivity and performance by reducing workplace injuries. Using the latest analytical technology, Longitude6 reduces the risks of accidents before they occur.

What we did

We worked with Longitude6 to provide them with some fresh-faced branding. We created a brand guideline that has been used to produce a website, the logo, and other creative outlets.

Longitude6 Brand Art Direction

Maker Street helped us rediscover and define our value proposition brilliantly. They were able to craft the words and look and feel that made it easier for our prospects to understand who we are and what we do in a more interesting way. They positioned us as innovative and exciting. We even believe it more ourselves.

I could not be more confident in recommending Maker Street to anyone wanting to lead their business into their chosen market with confidence.

Mark Heaysman, CEO, Longitude6

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