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Strengthening human connection.


Decrease in sales time frame


Enhancement in brand equity


Increase in leads


hayylo has begun to redefine the very meaning of in-home independence. The communication platform illustrates innovation across the entire aged care industry. It was evident that hayylo had outgrown their brand and our endeavour was to uplift them within the marketplace.


As humans, we yearn for connection. It’s in our DNA, our genes, as much as our need for food, shelter and warmth. Connection and the development of trust is the foundation on which our relationships are built.

The Idea

Through creative strategy, multiple workshops and brand management, our goal was to strengthen human connection with hayylo, as well as aid in the foundation of an identity that spoke true to its purpose and capabilities through the development of collateral guidelines.


There is a significant increase in brand trust and hayylo have seen a 75% decrease in the time of their current sales cycle. An increase in brand equity is clear throughout the nation at various events and keynotes, as well as a 65% increase in leads after just 4 months. Hayylo are rapidly setting the new benchmark standard for communication innovation across the aged care industry. 

We have collaborated with Maker Street in order to drastically uplift our brands image and presence through highly tailored strategic creative solutions and operations.

It’s quite rare that a new agency is able to fit seamlessly into your processes, systems and internal tools so quickly in order to improve efficiencies across the board. We’ve found the team to be invaluable when it comes to helping hayylo.

Before Maker Street, hayylo had been averaging 3 to 5 leads per month, which we thought was not bad considering the lengthy sales cycle, high buyer profile and decision making process. However in only 4 short months, Maker Street have been able to assist in shortening the sales cycle significantly, dropping from 12 months to 3 months and we have seen a 65% increase in leads. This was achieved through implementing a number of creative and strategic services in relation to our consultation services, documentation and visual brand.

Maker Street are the right arm that we never knew we needed.

  • Simon Heaysman
    Founder, hayylo

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