How we helped a tech company speak from their heart, not their code.


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Hayylo is a digital platform that helps aged care customers stay independent in their homes for longer. Through multi-channel communication, Hayylo helps providers streamline communication between customers, staff, and care teams to provide more optimised, personalised and inclusive care services.

We joined Hayylo to help prepare them for and capitalise on their growth through a round of investment. During our ongoing tenure, we helped Hayylo recognise potential areas of growth on the back of Covid-19 which brought to light a vast number of problems with how providers communicate with their customers pre-hayylol.

Following the research, we crafted a series of messaging frameworks and advertising to encourage providers to notice and seek more information on a better way of providing care.

It’s rare that an agency fits in so seamlessly with your systems and processes as Maker Street has. Working with the entire team, Maker Street’s varied skill set and high standards have helped us drastically uplift both the users experience of our product and perceptions of our brand within the aged care sector.

We’ve found the team to be invaluable when it comes to our business. Maker Street are the right arm that we never knew we needed.

Simon Heaysman
Co-founder, Hayylo