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9 Round Kickboxing

Invigorating results in minimal time


9round has packed convenience and results into invigorating 30 minute workouts, accomodating for the fast paced speed in which society now lives. In order to communicate effectively the benefits you can attain when you join the 9round family, we needed to produce a brand awareness video for new members and franchises in order to create more meaningful conversations with their audience.


The fitness industry is like a jungle, especially when it comes to consumer mindset. There are so many different paths, yet none of them seem clear. The industry is constantly adapting and is somewhat unpredictable. We have to be open to change and that process is a lengthy one. Our mindset is what decides whether or not we take that step and whether or not we perform. We often need to find the right place, somewhere we feel empowered and in control of our decisions, with the opportunity to experience the absolute endorphin boost that brings you to life.

The Idea

In order to build engagement with the end viewer and achieve more meaningful conversation, we created a number of short clips that brought 9round to life. Through structured production management we were able to deliver on a clear strategy drastically increasing conversions across the nation.


9round’s clips saw the company an average decrease of 62.06% cost per lead when split-test with their previous static creatives and each of the videos were received extremely well and widely used by their network.

I had the pleasure of working with Maker Street in early 2019 both with a creative campaign for 9Round, as well as production for our Internal Summit videos, which were used for our annual network conference.

The videos that Maker Street crafted for 9Round saw an average decrease of +62% in cost per lead when split-test with our previous static creatives. More than that, anyone who has ever been in a franchise network will tell you, it is impossible to please everyone – but all of the work was received extremely well and widely used by our entire national network.

I would highly recommend Maker Street to anyone who wants to concisely communicate just who and what their brand is, in a way that modern consumers can actually enjoy and relate to.

  • Maddi Kimber
    National Digital Media Specialist

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