A gun for hire

Your clients, our creative.

Helping local agencies with a wholesale design offering. At Maker Street, we work as a gun for hire with a number of local and national marketers, advertising agencies and design studios across Australia.

It’s important to us, to build strong and lasting relationships with our industry peers which makes us vastly different from other white-label creative shops. When you work with us, we support your team with high-end creative work and the resources you need, where and when you need them, and take a backseat when it comes to any communication with your clients.

In short, you get to bolster your creative arm with our premium capabilities at a wholesale rate and your client never needs to know about us.

For Marketing Agencies

Marketing is a broad concept. As a marketer you’re most likely deep in data, strategising and finding ways to better communicate your clients value to their customers. When it comes to the crunch, you know that a flop on execution can undo all your hard work. If the creative doesn’t land with your clients customers, no one wins.

With Maker Street, you’ll be supported with a variety of creative competencies from branding and design to print and production management at a wholesale design rate. Most importantly, we’re a premium, high-end design studio so you can sleep sound at night knowing your clients projects are in safe hands.

Best of all, your client never needs to know about us…

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For Advertising Agencies

Advertising goes hand-in-hand with design and creativity. We know that! And we’re not here to replace your internal studios (if you have one – if not, reach out!). We understand the landscape and know that when projects land, it’s time to scale up your resources and when accounts jump ship, it’s time to trim the fat.

Working with Maker Street’s high-end, private-labeled studio, you enable your agency to scale up sustainably, and easily when you need it most. Without the hassle of onboarding freelancers across multiple disciplines and having them sit idle, waiting for their contracts to expire. Instead, when you don’t need us anymore you simply switch us off.

Ultimately, we’re like a Swiss army knife for your advertising agency, but only when you need an extra pair of hands.

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For Digital Agencies

While digital used to be like the wild west of communication. It’s essential in today’s modern marketing mix. Whether you’re specialised in social media, websites, digital marketing or whatever, we’re specialised in design and creativity. And we’re here to help you strengthen that side of your agency.

It’s not unheard of for a new client to land in your lap looking for a website or campaign with nothing but an idea. There’s no brand, no collateral and yep, no logo (or maybe you received a logo in a word doc). In short, there’s no framework. Which makes your job, that much harder. We’re here to help!

With our wholesale design service, you can lean on our team and white-label our work to immediately add a whole suite of creative services to your agency’s arsenal. From branding to graphic design and everything in between.

You manage the client, we manage the creative.

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For Design Studios

We’re a design house through and through, and we understand what it’s like when it’s all just a bit too much to handle. Your traffic managers are tired and frazzled, your creatives are working like an assembly line and the quality of work begins to drop. You need space for air, space for thinking, space to regroup and reconnect with what ultimately matters – delivering high-end work, and helping your clients grow.

We frequently ‘help out’ our friends at neighbouring studios in the same way a freelance designer would, the difference is you gain access to our entire team of creatives whenever you need them. From developers, to designers, to writers at the drop of a hat. Without the painstaking process of hiring and onboarding new freelancers for a few weeks worth of work.

Most importantly, your clients, your files and your property will always belong to you!

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Bolster your creative team!