A Venture Design Studio

It’s difficult to stand out in a world where brands are being blatantly ignored.

Today, there is no viable substitute for building distinctive, unignorable brands and products and at Maker Street, our focus is on designing better businesses not just better brands.

Venture Design is a process that involves rapid viability testing and prototyping to develop business and product ideas reducing startup risk and increasing the likelihood for success.

We use a systematic approach and work closely with startups, founders and sometimes even big corps with disruptive ideas to define, design and develop their products and brands.

Rather than endless consulting, we find it more beneficial to everyone to drop our product design and development teams into your project to start planning and making things happen from day one. This removes unknowns, increases accountability and ensures everyone’s working together towards the same goal.

A successful venture.

What is a Venture Design Studio

We bring the team component of successful startup design which forms the framework to achieving product/market fit. Your team will consist of proven business strategists, brand consultants, designers and developers that fit seamlessly together to help ideate, iterate and test ideas directly within your market.

From disruption to commercialisation of an idea. Our purpose built team can help you realise your potential, develop the model and implement purposeful growth strategies to take you from startup, to scale up as quickly as possible.