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Investing in a solid branding foundation and strategic framework enables and sets great businesses up for growth.

Our process is broken up into three distinct phases starting with a brand alignment workshop to gain clarity of the challenge and identify distinctive insights we can use later on when crafting the brand signifiers (the logo, the colours, the type and graphic systems). This ensures the assets we create most accurately represent the the unique makeup of the brand.

Branding Strategy

Finding and articulating your point of difference and using that to position your brand away from your competitors is essential in successful modern marketing.

Our branding strategy immersion and alignment workshop’s are a collaborative round-table with both internal stakeholders and relevant members of our Maker Street team. We prefer to run these at your offices, in an environment that you’re comfortable in. These branding strategy sessions allow our team to absorb and soak up everything we possibly can about your business, the direction and the requirements of your brand.

After the workshop, we take all the insights gathered, synthesise the data and report back our findings for review and approval to ensure we’re on the right track. Once approved, this report is then used as the foundations for your branding strategy.

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Branding Identity

Once we understand the feeling, the perceptions and the experience you’re trying to build for your customers, we can start to develop what helps you fit out (because lets face it, no one ever changed the world by fitting in).

Here, we start to develop and craft the assets that help you control the conversation. And we do that with the clever craft of what we refer to as branding signifiers. These signifiers make up your visual and verbal identity systems (logos, colours, typefaces, brand feeling, brand language and tone of voice, etc.), right down to the advertising you produce, your website, your packaging, etc.

Every touchpoint a customer has with your business, needs to be carefully considered and purposely crafted to ensure the brand’s experience consistently reinforces your branding strategy (values, morals, ethos etc) and positioning.

And, all those signifiers start with a strong and coherent branding identity system.

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Branding Application

Sometimes referred to as the rollout phase. This phase is all about the craft of everything that lives inside your brand’s atmosphere. This phase of brand design is about applying the branding in a more functional way to enable you to use it and do business.

Armed with a strong branding framework, we plan out and design your owned media assets; your brand collateral, brochures, websites, shirts, uniforms, pens, compendiums, signage, social media, pos displays, launch advertising, posters etc.

This is where your branding really begins to take form and come to life in the real and tangible world around us.

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Creative solutions, amazing support and solid work is what you will get from the team. I cannot vouch for them enough as they worked tirelessly to deliver my project. They have given me so much value and insight into my brand that I knew was there but needed help to reveal. Highly rate Maker Street.

Keith WheelerLandar

Maker Street’s varied skill set and high standards have helped us drastically uplift both the users experience of our product and perceptions of our brand within the aged care sector. We’ve found the team to be invaluable when it comes to our business. Maker Street are the right arm that we never knew we needed.

Simon HeaysmanCo-Founder, Hayylo

My partner and I walked into Maker Street at the very early stages of our business. Leaning on the experience of Maker Street's team allowed us to refine our approach before launch. So, whether you're looking for alignment for an early idea, or re-alignment for an existing business, these guys will 100% be able to assist.

Tim WeighOthr Half

We quickly established a bond with the Maker Street team. The whole experience has been thoughtful and attentive. The very best collaborators, ideators and creators were able to distill the essence of our vision and delivered a brand with purpose and impact.

Frazer TaylorMosafe

Maker Street helped us rediscover and define our value proposition brilliantly. They were able to craft the words and look and feel that made it easier for our prospects to understand who we are and what we do in a more interesting way. They positioned us as innovative and exciting. We even believe it more ourselves.

Mark HeaysmanLongitude6