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As a business owner, you would know just how necessary it is to stand out in a crowded, noisy and competitive market. Your brand needs to be strong, consistent and working at its absolute best. All makes sense, common (business) knowledge right?

But how often do you assess this? And we mean really assess this…for example, is your brand connecting with your customers on a deeper level and is it showcasing everything that makes you awesome?

Well, this is where a Brand Audit comes in. But what is it exactly and why is it a super important tool to take the time to invest in?

Brand Audit Workbook written by Maker Street Studios to help strengthen your brand and your business

A Brand Audit is an in-depth review of where your brand is currently at, where you are nailing it and where there might be some room for improvement. It’s a super important step in ensuring that your brand is aligned with your business goals and is effectively communicating your message to your target audience.

Here are the things that should be considered…


Your Brand Foundations

The core of your brand. It’s the framework everything is built from.

Great brand’s are not defined by their logo, rather it’s the intrinsic characteristics, the personality, the nuances that make a brand distinctive, relatable, memorable. We call this Brand DNA and it’s what separates you from the pack. It brings context to your brand assets, to your collateral, to your logo.

Without a true purpose, a clearly defined vision and a motivating reason for existence, it’s difficult for consumers to find a compelling reason to buy from you.

Strong brand foundations give you the edge over competitors and your customers, something to align to, something to identify themselves with that positions your brand as the only viable solution to meet their needs, wants and desires.

Clarity around your brand is the secret. Consistency is the tool.


Your Verbal Identity

Most brands don’t treat their words with the same respect they do their visual identity.

Brands built with clarity are better placed to build more meaningful relationships with their clients and the right tone helps them have difficult conversations (shout out to KFC and the FCK IT Bucket).

Brands who understand the importance of language can build more thoughtful and meaningful dialogues with their customers.


Your Visual Identity

A strong visual identity enables you to shape perception. It allows you to build an impression that openly represents you and the value you bring as a business.

Your identity guides communication and should connect with your audience on an emotional and primal level.

But how do you get it right?

Brand building is hard and expensive when it goes wrong. The failsafe to ensure you’re on the right track is having an innate understanding of your audience, who they are, what they like, where they hang out.

With a strong understanding of your audience, you can carve out a desirable place for them in your story. Let them play their part, stay true to your cause and build alignment with their desires directly into your brand’s DNA.

Once you understand that, you can craft your visual identity with purpose to build associations with more alignment and relatability.

Sounds like a lot to think about?

Well, it is and we admit, this isn’t exactly an easy task that should be approached lightly nor should it be avoided. So where do you start? As it so happens, we have created a no-nonsense, self-guided assessment that gives you everything you need to assess where your brand is currently at, identify gaps and hopefully help you figure out exactly where you want to be…which is circling well above those angry birds (hopefully!).

Get your copy here and if you get stuck…we are only a phone call away.