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Brand Advertising is Quite Like Dating

How on earth are dating and advertising even remotely similar?

So, you’re on a date – It’s going well, you like what you see. You feel the connection, an undeniable spark. This is what’s missing from your life. You want, need and deserve this. But it still takes time to build a trustworthy connection and it’s quite normal to ask questions. “Are they who they say they are? Nobody I know can vouch for them. I need to get to know them before I can trust them.”

Building credibility takes time and people need to feel a positive connection in order to trust. Welcome to the vast world of advertising.

Relationships are something that you need to work on over time. You don’t hand over your hard earned cash over night. You need proof of whether you can trust that things are what they appear to be. When you open your mind to this concept, you will realise that it’s relative to both personal and business relationships.

Think of advertising as a way of breaking down the barriers to build credibility and trust with your customers. When you like someone, you want to let them in. But it’s a process. Think about your personal life. The more present someone is and the more you see them, the more you trust them. The more your friends and family like them, the more at ease you feel to encourage the connection. The closer you become. Well, the same goes for your brand.

Many businesses, small and large often expect to see overnight results when it comes to advertising. However, it’s not always that simple. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great when you have measurability and it feels good when you can see positive conversion rates from your latest ad campaign. However, this is where we need a shift thought process. It’s not always about monetary return.

What do you want your brand to be worth to your consumers?

Brand advertising is a form of advertising that doesn’t focus so much on immediate action from consumers, but more so on establishing long term credibility and emotional connection with your brand. Think about it. Connection is ultimately what we, as humans, yearn for. Once there is trust and credibility, people are more likely to be loyal and remain a long term customer.

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