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New Horizons Spark a Rebrand

From Hatchet Agency, to Maker Street.

Featured in the Friday morning article by Mumbrella, a platform that discusses everything relevant to Australia’s media and marketing, is the story, vision and birth of Maker Street.

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New horizons and new opportunities meant we needed to realign our brand, in order to reflect our invigorated vision and capabilities.

In 2018 we put down roots in the rumbling heart of Fortitude Valley. With large goals in sight, our small team of creatives completely immersed themselves, seeking out a great deal of opportunity. With this, our nimble “Hatchet Agency” had seen significant growth.

After a successful year, our vision and goals were adapting. The agency landscape is complex at the best of times and we have so much pride in the human heart that Hatchet Agency demonstrated. We wanted to continue doing what we love. This meant it was time to recognise that we were beginning to stumble. Things weren’t mending as easily as they once did.

We bolstered our strategic arm and realised that it’s not enough to show and tell. People want new experiences. We believe empathy is needed to understand what makes people tick and Maker Street recognises the changes in clients and their consumers’ expectations and in our industry.

As humans we crave the satisfaction from being part of building something bigger.

We’ve seen that some of the biggest ideas can come from the smallest teams. With that, we’re excited to announce that 2020 is looking at some fresh, new partnerships which can transform some of those ideas, into a reality.

We’ve rediscovered who we are and we’re jumping back in swinging.

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