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Top 3 Advertising Campaigns of 2019

2019 is rapidly dwindling from the presence of our rear-view mirrors.

With that being said, we decided to look back on the most creative, inspiring big name ads of the year. So, our team got together and reflected upon some of the most enjoyable ads, with plenty to be recalled over the past 12 months. These were named the Maker Street top 3.


The sound of Coca Cola

Synesthesia at it’s finest.

Coca Cola ad “Try not to hear this” by DAVID The Agency encompasses fine crafted, detailed imagery with a punchy tagline that we found utterly mind-blowing. The first visual ad by Coca Cola has it’s audience hearing exactly what they see. With 126 years of this iconic brand being engraved into our subconscious, the company in short, has us hearing sounds with no audio at all. This ad is above all, so simply, refreshingly brilliant.

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Agency: DAVID The Agency

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Little Duck goes to Disneyland

BETC have nailed it with “The Little Duck” for Disneyland Paris.

This is a fine piece of advertising. As a result, I’m almost convinced I could grow up to be whoever I wanted. Cinderella? Snow White? The agency has us inspired. Firstly, with their undeniable triumph. This new spin on advertising is a revitalising change to the usual Mickey Mouse ears that appear in most Disneyland ad’s.

Secondly, with their ability to demonstrate what Disney does best. Pulling on our heartstrings, this animated story inspires the dreamer. It surfaces that little bit of magic that lives inside all of us.

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Agency: BETC Paris

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Apple’s new bounce

Apple continues to blow creative, innovative advertising out of the water. New 2019 ad “Bounce” shows their continual ability to exceed our expectations. Unsurprisingly, their latest art piece, a black and white wonder used to debut their new product: AirPods Pro.

We could feel the music in our souls, which as a result, had us in an office groove.

With the soundtrack, “I Learnt Some Jazz Today” from young aspiring artist Tessellated, along with the bouncing cityscape, this 2019 piece of advertising had us on the edge of our seats, enjoying the satisfying visuals this film encompasses.

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Agency: TBWA/ Media Arts Lab

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